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About the City of Beverly Hills, California 90210

Beverly Hills is a city in the western part of Los Angeles County, California. Beverly Hills and the City of West Hollywood are together entirely surrounded by the City of Los Angeles. It is part of the so-called “Golden Triangle” of Beverly Hills, and the Los Angeles neighborhoods of Bel-Air and Holmby Hills.

It is bordered on the north by the Santa Monica Mountains, on the east by West Hollywood and the Fairfax District of the Los Angeles, on the south by Los Angeles and on the west by Westwood Village and Century City, which are Los Angeles neighborhoods and not separate cities. While Beverly Hills is its own city it is culturally very much a part of Los Angeles.

Beverly Hills Post Office (BHPO) is the name given to a section of Los Angeles, California that lies within the 90210 ZIP code, which is assigned to the Beverly Hills Post Office. Mailing addresses with the ZIP code 90210 must be written as “Beverly Hills, CA 90210″, even when the properties themselves lie outside of Beverly Hills city limits and in Los Angeles. As citizens of Los Angeles, BHPO residents receive Los Angeles city services and vote in Los Angeles elections.

This would include the areas:

Gated communities: Beverly Park, Beverly Ridge, Mulholland Estates & The Summit

Other Beverly Hills Post Office Areas: Coldwater Canyon, Franklin Canyon, & Benedict Canyon