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Malibu is a closely-knit residential community characterized by its carefully preserved rural atmosphere. Malibu’s combined incorporated and unincorporated areas cover approximately 45,000 acres, is 27 miles long and one to eight miles wide.

Within these boundaries are a variety of climates and terrain including beaches, mesas and canyons that create a unique environment. The population is approximately 13,000.

From the Civic Center area, travel time to Santa Monica Airport is about 30 minutes, 45 minutes to Los Angeles International Airport and one hour to downtown Los Angeles…all of course depending on traffic.

It doesn’t take a genius to understand why Malibu has an irresistible charm. Its rugged rural beauty is unsurpassed and its wide sandy beaches captivate residents and visitors alike with pristine ocean views. Malibu’s Beaches, with 21 miles of coastline, Malibu has many beautiful beaches with spectacular views, hiking opportunities, surfing, swimming, and a great time to be had by those who visit, so come visit them all! The SURFRIDER BEACH, ZUMA BEACH and LEO CARILLO BEACH are the most popular beaches in the area. Public access to other beaches along the highway is marked for your convenience.

Pick up your own map and information regarding Malibu, with the city, beaches, parks and hiking trails in the Malibu area. Goods and services may be obtained from quaint shopping areas located along the Pacific Coast Highway. A wide variety of overnight accommodations and eating establishments are available throughout Malibu.
The Malibu Chamber of Commerce invites you to explore Malibu. We know you once you’re here, you’ll see just how special Malibu truly is.